Artist Focus: Dawn and Donia

Donia prepares for a painting, 2014

Donia prepares for a painting, 2014

Donia has found tremendous value in the Art Circle. This is her second year in the program and she feels revived with creativity. Her participation makes her feel relaxed, able to socialize and be connected to the artistic community. She discovered Out of the Cold by seeing a sign outdoors, and was then invited by a volunteer to join the Art Circle.

She loves to sketch, paint, write poetry, act, crochet and sew. Donia has work experience in cosmetology, aromatherapy and nursing. She has ambitions to create a business with her experience and talents.

Painting by Dawn, 2013

Painting by Dawn, 2013

Dawn comes from an artistic family and loves to paint, sketch, sing and play guitar.

She finds her experience at the Art Circle encouraging. Participating in the program supports her positive attitude to never give up on her goals, regardless of any situation. She joins each week for a restful, calming and peaceful experience.

She finds spirituality through her artwork and views herself as a vessel to be creative. Dawn has worked through a back injury and homelessness through prayer, faith and the Out of the Cold program. She is currently working on a children’s magazine.



Written by Heather Zeligman

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