Paul: In His Own Words – An Artist’s Journey Begins


Paul holding his first painting at the Art Circle’s 2012 art show.

the first piece of art i ever sold was at the art circle show last april.

here is some of the back-story. in november of 2004 i suffered a stroke. it was a severe injury that put me in a wheelchair for a brief time and derailed my career as a software developer. but i have had lots of therapy. some of that therapy involved reviewing my education, as i did always have an interest in science and maths, technology, and art.

i first heard about the out-of-the-cold programme through my friends Ken and Stuart, and began going to dinners at Beth Sholom, end of february 2012. at one of these dinners, the art table was set up and someone suggested i try making a painting; and i did.

i remember one of the volunteers telling me you liked my painting and would like to put
it in the art show in april. i felt very flattered.

but little did i expect, since it was in a show with hundreds of other paintings by other talented artists, that it would sell. but it sold right away!

this encouraged me to make more. a lady in my neighbourhood kindly offered wall space at a cafe there, Big Guy’s coffee shop, in june. and so i had an art show, and sold two more!

i did three more shows, two in summer, and another at end of november, in which i sold more paintings. total sales now are at about $300, enough to cover costs, and i have a collection of 8×8 framed paintings and 4×4 greeting cards.

this process, while challenging to me since i have remaining limitations, has vastly improved my self-esteem; it now appears that the door is open to me to have an art career.

your prompting got me started.  i will always remember this.

Paul is a Toronto-based artist who recently started creating his own cards. He presented a card to the Art Circle this season. It read: “it was your prompting that gave me a start as an artist. Many thanks!”

Image of his card and information about them below.




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